How To Get Your Blog Indexed By Google Quickly

Getting your blog indexed by Google is not difficult instead its very easy. There are various ways you can do to get your blog or website indexed in Google. Then lets get started. When people create a new website or blog, the first thing they probably want is to happen people find it. And, one of the ways they will find it is through search. In this post, I am going to show you some simple steps that every blogger can do to get their blog indexed by Google.

First of all create and post atleast 10 articles (minimum 5) to get your posts indexed in Google. You can choose any particular field like technology or anything you want. Have the content well written, proofread and there should not be any grammatical mistakes. This also shows the quality of your content. After doing this, follow the steps given below –

1. Create a Sitemap - Now your question may arise what is sitemap? Well, a sitemap is an XML document on your website’s server that basically lists each page on your website. It tells search engines when new pages have been added and how often to check back for changes on specific pages. To generate sitemaps for your blog, you can use this tools XML Sitemaps Generator

2. Submit your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools - To submit your sitemap, you need to have a google account. I think all does have an account nowadays. Now you have to go to Google Webmaster Tools. Then go to Optimization > Sitemaps and submit your sitemap. There is also another option to do this. When you go to the Optimization > Sitemaps, click on the sitemaps tab and just add ‘sitemap.xml’. For e.g. if you have a website named, then you just have to add ‘sitemap.xml’ at the end of your blog.

3. Submit your content to Social Sites - Register an account on Social Sites. This includes Twitter profiles, Facebook pages, Google+ profiles or pages, LinkedIn profiles, Pinterest profiles, and YouTube channels. Register with the same username as your blog’s URL and is very effective in getting your blog indexed by Search Engines.

For example, if your blog name is BlogSense, then register with the same username at twitter as @BlogSense, and to create a page in Facebook at Having a consistent keyword-username on all major Social Sites will help get your blog indexed faster. So, get account on major Social Sites for your newly launched blog, namely: Twitter, Facebook (create a page for your blog), Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious etc.

After doing these steps, all your blog posts and pages will be crawled and indexed by Google. You can also view detailed statistics for your blog, links to your posts, and any crawl errors (such as missing files) which may be found. Once your website or blog is indexed, you will start to see more traffic from Google Search.That’s it. And once you are done with creating accounts and submitting your newly launched blog in the above mentioned sites, you should see your blog in Google’s Search Results within one or two days. Most of the time it will appear within the next few hours only. And of course, the best way to improve your blog's visibility in search engines would be to work hard at your blog and write great posts [like me :)].

I hope you have found this post useful. If you have any problem or having some trouble, I will be very happy to help you all. Just comment below. Your feedback is much appreciated. 


I am working very hard on my blog too. Just needed to know how to get my blog indexed by Google.

Really nice and helpful post brother. Thanks!


Your welcome mate. Keep working hard and you can reach to your success.

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