How To Make Money With FileIce

If you want to earn money online by sharing your files, then FileIce is the best option for you. I have been using FileIce for about four months. I am not a huge earner but trust me, you can earn a huge money with FileIce if you know proper ideas or strategies to promote your downloads. So lets get started.

 Making Money With FileIce

What is FileIce ? 

FileIce is a PPD (Pay Per Download) program which pays you when users download your file hosted on FileIce. To download your file, the user have to complete a small survey or offer and when it is completed, you get paid for downloads.

How you will earn with FileIce ?

To be honest with you, FileIce is a very genuine method for me to Make Money Online. There are lot and lots of ideas and strategies to earn money on FileIce. I am going to show you some easiest methods.
For earning with FileIce, its not necessary to have a Website or Blog (But its better if you have). You need to have a good idea of what people is actually looking for. Search for Highly Ranked Keywords on Google Keyword Tool. After that when you made up your mind. Upload your files on and start earning by sharing your files and let users download it.

You can make huge money with FileIce. Here’s why. Remember when a person from US, AUS, Europe, China, Canada, Africa and other countries downloads your file, you get highest payout. The average rate of per survey from the above listed countries is about from 1$ to 5$ and for India, it is bit low.

So, want to earn money with FileIce. Click HERE to Register on

How to Get Approved in FileIce ?

See my previous post of How To Get Approved By FileIce. Here are some of the basic ideas to get you approved in FileIce.

  • When applying for FileIce, fill your Genuine Info.
  • If you have a website or blog, then verify your site.
  • If you don’t have a website or blog, then you have to show them how you are going to promote your files.
  • Be clear to them, don’t hurry yourself.

So, this was all some of my thoughts and ideas which will help you how you will earn tith FileIce. If you have any problem or having some trouble, I will be very happy to help you all. Just comment below. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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