How To Get Approved By FileIce

Getting approved by FileIce is not that easy. Yes, its very difficult to get accepted by FileIce Team. So I am posting some of my thoughts that you should consider while applying for a FileIce account. If you want to earn money online by sharing your files with others, then FileIce is the best option for you as FileIce pays Highest Per Surveys. In this post, I am going to show you some methods which will help you to Get Approved by Fileice. 

Getting Approved By FileIce





To be honest with you, I have been disapproved by FileIce about 7 times and got approved in 8th time. As I told you before that getting approved by FileIce is not easy. I know many people who have applied for FileIce account, but they did not get approved in more than 10 tries. So, no need to worry now, you just have to follow my advice. To get approved in FileIce, you need to have a very high traffic blog or you need to have some ideas to promote their surveys. If you don’t have a website, you can create one by blogger or wordpress and also there are some many more. You can choose which one you like. After creating a website, you have to write some few posts about a particular field like webmaster, technology or anything you like. After posting some posts, then its time for you to register on FileIce. To Get Approved by FileIce, Use my advice below :

Steps of Getting Approved by FileIce

  • Go to
  • Now the Registration Page will be Opened
  • First fill your Personal Details, remember always fill Genuine Info
  • If you have a Website or Blog, then verify it by the given methods
  • After that, tell them about your experience

In the Description Box, you have to write something that will introduce you or your website. That should be big enough of about 200-300 words. Use your own ideas as its the best way to get accepted. Say that you are the owner of your blog. You use the blog to promote posts and downloads. You would love to incorporate FileIce into this. If you don’t have blog or website, then write something like this “I use youtube, facebook and other social networking sites to promote posts and downloads, and I would love to incorporate fileice into this”. Tell them you are looking to try something new and FileIce appears to be the best option. Don’t hurry yourself, be clear and formal in your application and provide real details. Remember, using your own creative ideas and talent is the best way to get approved. So its better to use your Genuine Ways to Get Approved by FileIce.

Referral Links

Now comes referral links. Now what exactly referrals do. Referral links increases your chances of getting approved. I myself used referral links to get approved. Its like someone invited you to join FileIce. So chances are greater. But its fine if you don’t want to. Its up to you. I have provided my referral link below in case if you need.
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So, this was all some of my thoughts and ideas which will help you to Get Approved by FileIce. If you have any problem or having some trouble, I will be very happy to help you all. Just comment below. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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